Friends for a Thousand Years

Friends for a Thousand Years

A Love Story of Faith and Passion

It’s hardly ever easy to move a teenage child to a new town, much less a new state, when they are in high school.

Leaving San Diego was unbearably hard for quirky fifteen-year-old Clara Simmons.

She’d grown up on the sandy beaches of southern California, had a fast-paced lifestyle, and life-long friends, including a boyfriend named Chet. Clara quickly realized that Georgia was no California.

There were no beaches in small town Lizella, not ten miles southwest of Macon. She soon learned that life is a perpetual cycle of change.

Her resistance quickly shifted to acceptance once she met her new neighbor; sixteen-year-old Jeremy Gorman. Missing the California beaches was no longer an issue—the Gorman family lake would do just find.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Red dirt and Glitter

Chapter 2 Meeting the Gorman Family

Chapter 3 A Swim in the Lake

Chapter 4 New Girl ay School

Chapter 5 The Dance

Chapter 6 An Ugly Confrontation

Chapter 7 Jeremy's Decision

Chapter 8 Hickory Knob Lane

Chapter 9 A College Tour

Chapter 10 A Surprise for Clara

Chapter 11 Atlanta vs. Tampa

Chapter 12 Alone for the First Time - Ever

Chapter 13 Jeremy's New Friend

Chapter 14 Not Now God!

Chapter 15 Discombobulation

Chapter 16 The Little Black Bug

Chapter 17 Passing theTime

Chapter 18 Baby is Born

Chapter 19 Meeting Grampa Gorman

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