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Meet Anna's Friends, a group of seven kiddos, ages 7 to 9, that are connected by the motivational gifts they have been given by God. There is Anna (the gift of facilitation), Hiro (the gift of exhortation), Maria (the gift of giving), Cayden (the gift of mercy), Jesse (the gift of service), Daniel (the gift of prophecy), and Sarah (the gift of teaching). These delightfully energetic children will help your own understand why they do what they do! Book #1 begins the last day of 2nd grade. The children grow through consecutive books until they end at the beginning of 4th grade.

For parents or guardians :) Discover Your Child's Motivational Gifts was written with you in mind. You can learn with your children what their unique motivation in life is based on their own God-given gifts. You might even discover your own gifts in the process! (See Romans 12:6-8)

Books for Children

The Assignment

Meet All of Anna's Friends in Book #1

The Assignment introduces all seven of the kiddos in Anna's circle of friends who are ending the second grade and enjoying their summer vacations. The chapters in this book are written from the perspective of each of the friends and how they respond to one another based on their own motivational gift.

For example: In chapter 7, Jesse’s gift of service is seen as his family prepares to take a trip to visit his grandmother in Oklahoma. In each of the 8 chapters, the reader will get an overview of one of the gifts in a fun story. The most common comment from parents is that their children are able to identify with the character(s) that most ressemble themselves and their gift as they read The Assignment.

AF's Save the Animal Shelter

Most all children love animals, especially dogs

During summer vacation, Anna learns about the plight of the local animal shelter and that it may have to close down for lack of funds. She uses her creativity to plan a beauty contest for animals to raise money to save Miss Stella’s shelter and, most importantly, find homes for the dogs.

When the children return from summer vacation and hand in the assignments that Mr. Henderson gave them to do over summer vacation, he reviews each one of them and decides that Anna’s project to save the Praston Animal Shelter is the best. He uses her project to enable the students to use their own God-given gifts to help Anna. Since facilitation (leadership) is Anna’s gift, we will discover how a child with this gift is motivated.

The Hayride

Maria gets a surprise on the annual holiday hayride

On the way to Sunday school, Maria (who has the gift of giving) notices a little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. She attempts to get Anna to go meet her, but she doesn’t want to be late for their class, so resists. And, it's terribly cold outside. Though the little girl seems happy, she's only wearing flip-flops, shorts, and a t-shirt.

The bible lesson that morning is about giving to the least of these. In The Hayride, children will go with Maria to the Fall Festival, an annual event that gets the town buzzing with the expectations of the pumpkin carving contest, eating lots of cotton candy, and the popular town hayride. Maria’s gift of giving kicks in causing her to learn the meaning of the Sunday school lesson in an unusual way.

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Hiro Plays Tiny Tim

Hiro loves practicing his lines for the play

Hiro is a text book example of a child with the gift of exhortation. You will cheer for him at his dedication to his role as Tiny Tim Cratchit in the classic play, A Christmas Carol. Not long before openingnight, the grumpy school nurse, Mrs. Weaver, gives Hiro a real scare when she tells him he can’t perform in the play, but that doesn’t keep this little boy from his need to be the center of attention.

He keeps his friends laughing in stitches, but one of his pranks nearly backfires—Hiro is taught a lesson he’ll never forget. Even exhorters experience times when they too need encouraging. Sadness happens in Hiro’s family and Anna’s friends rally to encourage him as he works through the ordeal.

Sarah Learns a Lesson

Sarah loves to learn and reads lots of books

In Sarah Learns a Lesson, the reader will discover the attributes of the motivational gift of teaching! Some of the traits are similar to those who have the gift of exhortation. This is a delightful story about how Sarah uses her gift by creating a three-week book-a-thon for her class to encourage them to read more. She inspires the owner of the Green Tree Bookstore to create a Kid’s Corner so they'll have a fun place to read.

However, on her journey to help establish the Kid’s Corner, Sarah leaves out her family and friends during some times when lasting memories could be made. A record breaking snow storm forces the rambunctious girl to consider her priorities when her younger brother becomes very ill. She learns her lesson well; that time with family is important.

Jesse Can't Say No

Meet Mimi and Dodi, Jesse's pet goats

When move in day to the country for the Delaney family finally comes, Anna and her friends help them settle in to their new farm house. And because Jesse has been so helpful through it all, there is a huge, gigantic, wonderful surprise waiting for him. Jesse discovers that his pet goats, Skiddle Bee and Sirius, are going to be parents. Farm life affords him the wonders of interacting with and caring for animals like Mimi and Dodi, the twin goats born just after they move; Gino the frog; and a calf named Buster. The little family begins to unexpectedly grow after Jesse learns that his momma is also having twins! This heart-warming story is sure to touch your soul, and your children will thoroughly enjoy this story, especially those with the gift of service.

Cayden and Mrs. Jules

Cayden's new best friend is not who she thinks

Cayden had roller skated by her neighbor's house, Mrs. Jules, for almost a year, but had no idea who the little Indian lady was, until one day when she fell on the sidewalk and skinned her knees in front of her house. Even the thick cobwebs and a spider named Spike that filled the corners on Mrs. Jules porch, a spooky room with a light on, and a creaky rocking chair that looked to be falling apart, was no enough to keep Cayden from wanting to know more about her mysterious neighbor. Cayden is the only one of Anna’s Friends that can unlock a half-century secret that Mrs. Jules has been hiding. Her persistence to make the little lady happy pays off when she gets her friends to help fix and clean ther house. In the process, Cayden learns the reason for Mrs. Jules broken heart. Her gift of mercy ignites her desire to heal her friend.

Daniel Moves Away

Anna experiences a real trial when her friend leaves

When Daniel's mother becomes ill with a life-threatening sickness, she sends him and his younger brother to Florida to live with their father for the rest of the school year until she is finished with her medical treatments. But Anna is not happy about losing her friend, even for just a summer. She has been Daniel’s next door neighbor as long as they have been alive and just doesn’t know what to do without him. When Daniel moves back home during the summer just before 4th grade starts, Anna notices how much her friend has changed. Conflicts arise and Daniel really, really makes Anna mad! Some strong emotion and fun surprises that only Anna can bring to a trying relationship make this story one that will touch the heart of not only kids, but moms and dads too. In this book we learn that even children have to learn to handle life's adversities.

For Parents and Guardians

Discover Your Child's Motivational Gifts

A Workbook for Parents and Guardians

Why does your child get along with some children really well and others not so well, and why do others barely speak ten sentences in a day while others are boisterous or flamboyant? Moreover, why is this really important? Here’s a good example: Sally tends to be rebellious and head strong. This is a common trait of a child that has a motivational gift of facilitation (leadership support). They are not rebelling, they are simply created to lead. The Discover Your Child’s Motivational Gifts workbook will help parents and guardians understand why their children express certain types of behavior. There are ample work-spaces throughout the book for you to make notes and plan activities for your child’s development.

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Anna's Friend's illustrated children's book series

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Complete set of 8 Anna’s Friends Illustrated Books help parent’s and children understand their God-given Motivational Gifts. The whole family will have fun with these stories and the adventures of Anna and her friends while gaining valuable insights into what motivates you all.

Book # 1 The Assignment -
Introduces all 7 of the Friends:

The Motivational Gift of Facilitation

The Motivational Gift of Giving

The The Motivational Gift of Teaching

The Motivational Gift of Exhortation

The Motivational Gift of Mercy

The Motivational Gift of Service

The Motivational Gift of Prophecy

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Book # 1 The Assignment Introduces all 7 of the Friends

This book helps children discover their moivational gifts

The fun and adventurous stories in The Assignment are written from the perspective of each of the 7 friends and shows the reader how they respond to one another based on their own motivational gifts through creative storytelling.

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