Books that bring joy and growth to the soul

I love writing novels! Creating strong characters that take the reader on a journey that they can relate to gives me great joy! My newest release, Friends for a Thousand Years has one of those strong characters—Clara Simmons, a fifteen-year-old who finds true love for the first time.

But if you're more into becoming inspired to live your best life, I've written those as well. Take a peek below to find what inspires your spiritual growth.

Yvonne G. Williams, Author

Love Stories that Warm the Heart

A Love Story of Faith and Passion

Friends for a Thousand Years

It’s hardly ever easy to move a teenage child to a new town—much less a new state—when they are in high school. Leaving San Diego was unbearably hard for quirky fifteen-year-old Clara Simmons. She’d grown up on the beaches of southern California, had a fast-paced lifestyle, and life-long friends, including a boyfriend named Chet.

Clara soon learned that life is a perpetual cycle of change. There were no beaches in small-town Lizella, not ten miles southwest of Macon, Georgia.

Just when she thought she’d catch a bus back, her resistance shifted to acceptance. Her new neighbor, sixteen-year-old Jeremy Gorman, cast new light on living in the country. Missing the beaches was no longer an issue—the Gorman family lake would be fine.

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Joy Through the Power of Storytelling

A Savior of a Different Kind

Miss Emma from Silverlake

One cold and snowy wintry night, a mysterious little stranger appears on the door steps of the Silverlake Orphanage carrying only a suitcase and a sassy attitude.

Little Miss Emma, on assignment from God, turns lives upside down and backwards as she struggles to convince Miss Hoopy, overseer of 11 orphans, that she must live among them as she works to fulfill her assignment to save the orphanage; an answer to the prayers of Miss Mary, matriarch and co-founder.

Lucas and Serinda, angels assisting their protégé, guide the nine-year-old human child as she turns unbelief to faith while mending hearts. You’ll want to snuggle into your favorite chair as you read this delightfully inspiring Christmas story, Miss Emma from Silverlake.

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A Journey to Answered Prayer

Maddie Golden Discovers

the Pot of Gold

Nine-year-old Maddie Golden is not afraid of anyone, even a friendly spirit named Leznupar that has come to answer her prayer, that God give her a new heart so she can learn how to love.

Maddie must first travel to the rainbow to learn the lessons from each of the seven colorful rays, and later, the pot of gold, for her prayer to be answered.

Just when she’s completed her journey over the seventh ray, the one of service, Cletus, her fur-friend and traveling partner, becomes ill, so she refuses to go on the last of eight journies.

Will she discover what’s in the pot of gold, or has she forsaken the answer to her prayer by not completing the last trip to the rainbow? Maddie Golden is available in Paperback and Hardback.

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Yvonne's Movie, A Dance for Bethany is based on this book:


Secrets of a Wounded Soul

In the summer of 1965, flamboyant and carefree Candace Renfroe, whose attempt at preventing her daughter, Ruby, the heartache of an unhappy marriage and unfulfilled dreams, sends her spinning into her young adult years.

The teenager unexpectedly finds herself alone on the streets of New York City grasping for meaning and purpose to the tragedy of her mother’s death.

Thirty years later, Ruby reveals secrets to her own daughter that she has kept buried for three decades.

Ruby: Secrets of a Wounded Soul, delves relentlessly into the vortex of shattered lives – and then – suddenly, beautifully, wondrously, it discovers hope. In the very darkness of a loathsome and frightening world there lies a profound and thorough declaration of individual redemption.

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Books for Spiritual Growth

The Missing Link to Wholeness


Christianity has become an institution of multiplied and diverse beliefs, so it often overlooks the teachings of true fellowship with others.

Forging beautiful relationships is part of Christ’s mission based on an understanding of the relationship between an individual human and the Son of God—and this truth is dying.

Since we tend to rely upon our own human emotions and mindsets, we have adapted ourselves to an erroneous characterization about what the life altering force of forgiveness accomplishes.

Our belief systems can contradict the truth about forgiveness God’s way; they may include selective reasoning about who is worthy of receiving it. We must awaken to truly know Jesus Christ.

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A Unifying Force

Love Is ...

Depending on how interactive we are with others, most of us use the word love many times throughout any given day.

We use the word love to express how we feel to our spouses, our children, our friends, our extended families and generally those who communicate love to us. That is easy. Anyone can reciprocate like for like.

The more difficult task however, is giving love to those who are not giving it back, or to those who are acting in hateful and / or hurtful ways. To love someone in the midst of their darkest hour is truly the only time that love is seen.

Love is unconditional commitment to imperfect people. It can also be described as anything that divides us one from another—love is actually a unifying force.

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Why Suffering Can be a Beautiful Thing

A Flower in the Garbage

This is Yvonne’s BEST SELLING BOOK – It's all about life principles that pertain to spiritual growth.

There’s a Flower in the Garbage shares aspects of real life lessons I learned while transforming a garbage dump into a flower garden. 1) We select the plot of ground; 2) we work it to make it fertile; 3) we plant the seed; and, 4) nurture it to maturity.

The end result — a beautiful flower garden — exemplifies our own lives at various stages of growth.

The reader will see how our own deity within constantly reaches towards the deity of God to take us out of the garbage piles of life and transform us into spiritual flower gardens.

I received this understanding when my father gave me a project in 1986 of turning a garbage dump into a flower garden

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Nurturing the Garden Within

My Daily Garden Journal

This 365 day working journal is a great tool that has been developed for the individual (or group) who desires that the Christ within help them grow into the authentic Image of who he or she was created to be. It is not meant to be an ordinary journal to simply record thought, although there is ample space for that.

Each month carries a theme for the reader/writer to concentrate on, such as : What areas of my life need to be set free?; People I need to forgive; Accepting who I was born to be, etc.. You are challenged to search the scriptures (or other sources) on the topic at hand to see what truth is revealed. At the end of the journal are blank pages for each month to record your thoughts about the theme

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Inspiration for my book Friends for a Thousand Years

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