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The stories in The Assignment are written from the perspective of each of the 7 friends and how they respond to one another based on their own motivational gift.

For Example: In chapter 3 – Chores Before Pleasure, we learn that Anna sometimes tries to skip her chores at home when she is in an impulsive mode to do something else.

In chapter 4 – Cayden Comforts Anna, we meet Cayden and see how her gift of mercy is used to help Anna when she is struggling with a disappointment.

In chapter 5 – Daniel Thinks Life Isn’t Fair, his gift of prophecy is revealed as he tries to overcome an accident that hurt his younger brother, Pete, and how Anna rallies to help.

Chapter 6 – Maria Surprises Anna, introduces vivacious Maria and reveals her gift of giving through her overwhelming support of her best friend, Anna, even when Anna wants to unfriend her BFF.

Jesse’s gift of service is seen as his family and Anna’s prepare to take a trip to visit their grandmother in chapter 7 – Jesse and Anna go to Oklahoma.

In chapter 8 – Hiro Chases Away Anna’s Bug, the delightfully healing gift of exhortation shows children how they can encourage others through laughter and fun antics, and in the last chapter, Sarah Volunteers at the Library, children will get to meet Sarah whose strong gift of teaching keeps her away from her friends and her nose stuck in books.

Some Parent's Reviews

Tammi: “Kendyl and I have loved it (The Assignment)! We are reading it together, laughing and learning. The book prompted Kendyl to ask me what her gift was.

I said let’s keep reading and find out. She has a servant’s heart. It also prompted Kendyl to think about her friends and classmates and their gifts. What’s great is that this age group can relate so well to the author’s purpose.

It comes shining through clearly. I didn’t tell Kendyl the theme of the book…she figured it out on her own which is important for this audience age. Yvonne is an excellent author!”

A Parent: “We end our home work sessions by reading a chapter in The Assignment. Jeremy loves learning about why he likes to show off in front of people. He really relates to Hiro. I think that’s because he’s an exhorter!”

Angela: “I opened the manuscript and began reading a few pages. I was IMMEDIATELY “sucked” into the story and I can’t wait to finish what I need to do right now so I may get back to the book. Enough said? I am ..I.I don’t have the words. This is a God thing.”

Amelia: I met Amelia at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. Amelia walked up to my table and stood right in front of it. After we exchanged hello’s I asked her if she had had a chance to read any of the books her grandmother purchased the day before.

She looked me right in the eye and said, “Yes and I don’t like Hiro.”

I asked her, “Why don’t you like Hiro?” Amelia replied, “Because he shoots spit balls at the girls.” I laughed and told her that as she reads further into the book she will see that Hiro’s actually a pretty cool friend.

Then, I asked her who her favorite character is and she scanned the seven cut-out kids and pointed to Anna. “Anna is my favorite and…hmmm…(she continued to scan and pointed to Maria), Maria is my next favorite.” I asked her if she liked the book overall and she said, “Oh yes. I can’t wait to finish reading the books.”

Paola: “I really enjoyed reading this book with my children. It got my children and I thinking about our own God given gifts and how we want to explore them further.

We were so into the story that we could feel the emotion coming from the book. We felt Anna’s excitement as well as her sorrow at times. It is a great book which I will recommend to anyone! You even made my eyes water a few times.”

Xavier: “My 9-year-old son laughed at the silly things Hiro would do to the girls because I think he relates to the character. I like how Mr. Henderson wants his students to share their God given gifts with the world.”

Aysel: “My 10-year-old daughter was into the book and loved how God was included and prayer was mentioned. She really enjoyed reading Anna’s Friends. She liked how it was easy to understand and follow.”

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