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The process of pulling life experiences from my soul causes me to imagine all types of storylines. It gives me fuel for my inspirational writings, novels, and poetry. That's what I strive to bring to my readers; it's called learning from our mistakes as well as our successes.

Whether you read one of my non-fiction books about love or forgiveness, or a heart warming (fiction) novel, my desire is that you feel uplifted at the end of each book and take away the essence of the characters with you; as in my newest novel, Friends for a Thousand Years released recently. Enjoy perusing my site!

Whether fiction, non-fiction, or a fun children's book, we can find joy through storytelling

Friends for a Thousand
Years: a Love Story

Anna's Friends Series

for ages 7 to 10

Love Is:

a Unifying Force


Love Is . ..


Some Reviews of Yvonne's Works:

THIS IS A GOD THING ... I opened the manuscript (Anna's Friends, The Assignment) and began reading. I was immediately sucked into the story and I can't wait to finish what I need to do right now so I can get back to the book. Enough said? I don't have the words—This is a God thing.

Angela Vick, Florida

THE STORIES DRAW ME IN ... Although I'm a bit prejudiced, my wife is an excellent writer. I read her books before publishing and continue to be amazed at her story-telling ability; I especially like her characters. I've laughed and cried through many of her books. They're hard to put down.

Marion Williams, Alabama

I THOUGHT I KNEW ... I thought I knew what love was until I read Yvonne's book, Love Is: A Unifying Force, and went through her ten-week course using the book as our lesson guide. She asked us at the end if attending was worth it. I immediately started to cry telling her how it affected me.

Kat Holder, Alabama

NOW I UNDERSTAND ... I had been asking God why bad things happen in our lives. When Yvonne suggested I read her book, There's a Flower in the Garbage, I did, and then I understood. Now I don't whine and complain nearly as much as I used to when I go through trials.

Kathy Smith, Texas

EXCELLENT WRITING ... Kaitlyn and I loved, The Assignment! We are reading the Anna's Friends children's books together, laughing and learning. The way the stories are written prompted her to think about her own gifts, and those of her friends and classmates. Yvonne is an excellent author.

Tammi James, Florida

I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN ... While the movie, A Dance for Bethany, was being shown in a local theater, I purchased the novel and sat in the lobby reading it. After the movie was over, Yvonne asked me what I thought about it. I said, 'couldn't put it down. I love your character development.'

Female Audience Member, North Carolina

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Human Trafficking in the United States

I wrote a book and a screenplay titled, A Dance for Bethany.

It's about human trafficking here in the USA.

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