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I love writing novels! Creating strong characters that take the reader on a journey that they can relate to gives me great joy! My newest release, Friends for a Thousand Years has one of those strong characters—Clara Simmons, a fifteen-year-old who finds true love for the first time. Here's one of the many reviews I received: Just finished reading a wonderful book written by a life long friend. This is a captivating story of true love and life’s journey that will bring the reader into the story. Great read in winter by a warm fire.

But if you're more into becoming inspired to live your best life, I've written those as well. Take a peek below to find what inspires your spiritual growth.

Yvonne G. Williams, Author

A love story of passion and faith

Friends for a Thousand Years

It’s hardly ever easy to move a teenage child to a new town-much less a new state-when they are in high school. Leaving San Diego was unbearably hard for quirky fifteen-year-old Clara Simmons. She’d grown up on the beaches of southern California, had a fast-paced lifestyle, and life-long friends, including a boyfriend named Chet.

Clara soon learned that life is a perpetual cycle of change. There were no beaches in small-town Lizella, not 10 miles southwest of metropolitan Macon, Georgia.

Just when she thought she’d move back to California, her resistance shifted to acceptance. Her new neighbor, 16-year-old Jeremy Gorman, cast new light on living in the country. Missing the sandy beaches was no longer an issue-the Gorman family lake would be just fine. She spent more time there than at her home across the street.

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A Savior of a different kind

Miss Emma from Silverlake

One cold and snowy wintry night, a mysterious little stranger dressed in a little red riding hood coat appears on the door steps of the Silverlake Orphanage carrying only a suitcase and a sassy attitude. Little Miss Emma, on assignment from God, turns lives upside down and backwards as she struggles to convince Miss Hoopy, overseer of eleven orphans. She must live among them as she works to fulfill her assignment to save the orphanage. Her arrival was an answer to Miss Mary's prayers; the owner of the orphanage. Lucas and Serinda, angels assisting their protégé, guide the nine-year-old (parading as a human child) as she turns unbelief to faith while mending hearts.

You’ll want to snuggle into your favorite chair as you read this delightfully inspiring Christmas story, Miss Emma from Silverlake.

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A journey to answered prayer

Maddie Golden Discovers

the Pot of Gold

Nine-year-old Maddie Golden is not afraid of anyone, even a friendly spirit named Leznupar that has come to answer her prayer, that God give her a new heart so she can learn how to love. Maddie must first travel to the rainbow to learn the lessons from each of the seven colorful rays, and later, the pot of gold, for her prayer to be answered.

Just when she’s completed her journey over the seventh ray, the one of service, Cletus, her fur-friend and traveling partner, becomes ill, so she refuses to go on the last of eight journies.

Will Maddie discover what’s in the pot of gold, or has she forsaken the answer to her prayer by not completing the last trip to the rainbow? Maddie Golden is available in Paperback and Hardback.

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The Movie, A Dance for Bethany is based on this book

Ruby: Secrets of

a Wounded Soul

In the summer of 1965, flamboyant and carefree Candace Renfroe, whose attempt at preventing her daughter, Ruby, the heartache of unfulfilled dreams, sends her spinning into young adulthood. The teenager unexpectedly finds herself alone on the streets of New York City grasping for meaning to the tragedy of her mother’s death.

Thirty years later, Ruby reveals secrets to her own daughter that she has kept buried for three decades. Ruby: Secrets of a Wounded Soul, delves relentlessly into the vortex of shattered lives – and then – suddenly, beautifully, wondrously, it discovers hope. In the very darkness of a loathsome and frightening world there lies a profound and thorough declaration of individual redemption.

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Friends for a Thousand Years

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