Inspiration for the Anna's Friends Series

People always ask me, what gave you the idea to create Anna's Friends? I had been teaching Sunday school and mentioned the motivational gifts in one of our lessons. The students wanted to kow more, so I reated a lesson plan outlining each of the seven gifts found in Romans 12:6-8. The next Sunday after teaching the class, the students went to the Pasator and told them how much they enjoyed the lesson. He then came to me and sharead their response. I wondered, what if every parent had a means to teach their own children te same lesson that I taught those in my class? That motivated me to create the Anna's Friends series.

In brief, all of us are born with these motivational gifts, but we are guided with one or two of them as our primary motivations throughout our lives. Anna’s Friends is a series of children’s books for ages 8-10 showing the interaction between seven friends, each with one of the seven gifts. The characters have been created with the personality traits representative of their own gift.

A complimentary Parent’s Guide: Discover What Motivates Your Child teaches the parents and guardians about each of the seven gifts and includes various methods to help them discover their child’s primary motivational gift.

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Hi there 👋 My name is Anna Riley, my Motivational Gift is Facilitator. Join me an my friends on our adventures and discover your own Gift. It'll be fun!! :)

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