Tree of Life

In the earliest stages of humanity’s evolution (as we know it), Adam was in the garden with Eve, the Devil, all the other creatures, and with the plants and trees. He had no sense of good or evil whatsoever. This devil that Christianity is consumed with was standard operating equipment that came with the creation in the garden. The concept of harm was not in human consciousness because there was pure communion with God and nature. All were one. The oneness (fullness of God) is love. The fullness of love is life. Once we realize our potential to become love as God is, we will heal the very soul of humanity.

Even though we are people of faith, our inner struggles are paramount. Once we come into faith we immediately move to the “good” side of the world. So, if we think we are the “good” ones in society, should not the existence of faith create a climate less conducive to the issues of our day? It is a paradox that needs attention. The dichotomies of love and hate, good and evil, light and dark, day and night, are in reality one and the same. It is only when the stronger state (love, good, light, day) swallows up the weaker (hate, evil, dark, night) that we experience the annihilation of the lesser and it is rendered nonexistent.

The reality is, God—who will not be boxed in by any religion, denomination, doctrine, or theology—is love and gives himself to all humanity. We are created with the ability to live face to face with others regardless of their state represented by good or evil. God does not see good and evil. He sees Himself in all of creation.

When we profess that we are people of faith, people will be sent into our lives who need to experience God. After all, we say we are a part of Him. When we respond in a manner not consistent with who we say we are, people grow hard and move away from what they most need. This is the fallacy of good and evil; it is the great hypocrisy of our faith.

When we come to Jesus and begin to walk as he walked, we make the choice to not eat of the tree of good and evil, rather the tree of life, which is Christ. To do that, we must cut down the tree of good and evil within our minds, come out of the boxes that separate us, and become one with the heart of God. We must walk in his ways.

Love is not representative of good or evil. If I do good, that does not mean I can love; if I do evil, that does not mean I cannot love. Conversely, if I do evil that does not mean I am not loved; and if I do good, that does not mean I will gain love. Should we reject this reality, we are sitting in the seat that would deny the power of love - the power of the Holy Spirit to bring restoration to all of humanity.

written by: Yvonne Williams



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